D-Day operations at Sword beacH
From Ouistreham to Luc sur mer
Sword beach stretches 8 kms from Ouistreham to Luc-sur-mer. It’s the most easterly landing point located at about 15 km from Caen.

This beach, like the other four, is divided into sectors. West to east: Oboe, Peter, Queen and Roger.
Due to the sandbars and coastal reefs, ahead of Lion-sur-mer and Luc-sur-mer, as well as the importance of the German defences at Ouistreham Riva-Bella, the attack finally took place on a fairly narrow front ahead of Hermanville at the so-called «Breach» in the Queen sector. The 3rd infantry division of the British troops landed on the beaches of Colleville Montgomery, Hermanville and Ouistreham 6th June 1944. Hermanville is released at 9:30.

In the park of the castle, a company claims "the first tea prepared on June 6 by a British unit on this side of the Channel".

This guided tour of Sword beach stretches from Ouistreham to Luc-sur-mer. Here is our provisional route:
  1. Starting point Parking Place Albert Lemarignier 14150 Ouistreham
  2. Ouistreham Saint-Samson church stop: 15 minutes
  3. Colleville-Montgomery

  4. Hermanville-sur-mer ride, stop and walk: 30 minutes
  5. Luc-sur-Mer ride, stop and walk: 15 minutes
  6. Douvres-la-Delivrande ride, stop and walk : 10 minutes
  7. Hermanville sur mer cemetery ride, stop and walk 15 minutes
  8.  Ranville Pégasus Bridge
  9. Ouistreham ride, stop and walk: 20 minutes
  10. You will finish at Parking Place Albert Lemarignier Ouistreham


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