The classic car - Citroën Dyane 6
Popular convertible manufactured in 1976

The Citroen Dyane 6 history

The Citroën Dyane is an economy car produced by the French automaker Citroën from 1967 to 1983. The design was based on the Citroën 2CV platform. Nearly 1,4m were manufactured.

The "Confort" version was differentiated from the outside through the inclusion of hub-caps on the wheels. The spare wheel and jack are mounted in a special cradle under the hood (rather than both simply being placed loose on the floor of the luggage area at the back). The interior of the "Confort" was slightly less basic, with plastic moulded door panels rather than flat, vinyl covered hardboard.

On this 1976 version, there are 3-point seat belts at the front and two points at the rear.

The suspension is the ultimate confort with hydraulic dampers.

Technical Data

Improved 602cc 2 cylinders flat twin air cooling  engine featuring higher compression pistons and forced induction from the engine fan giving slightly more power. Mechanical contact-breakers were mounted at the front of the camshaft and located behind the cooling fan. The fan was mounted on a tapered shaft at the bottom of a deep tube (the top of which engaged the starter handle).

32 hp @ 5750 tr/min - maximum speed 75mph.

Acceleration from 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 30.8 seconds.

My car was renovated over the last years. The platform is genuine, but the engine was replaced recently with a brand new one. To make it more reliable, an electronic ignition and an electronic regulator were fitted (finally it is the only electronic parts in the car). The car uses Unleaded 98 gasoline.

The car will come at the meeting point with soft top removed to enjoy sightseeing. If the rain pops up (which is quite unusual in Normandy...), we will stop the car to put the soft top back on again... A blanket is available for chilly temperatures...


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