General Terms of Sale

Article 1 - Scope:

The present general terms of sale (said GToS) apply without limitation nor reserve to any purchase of the following services:

Services of tourist visit to in a classic vehicle at the Pearl Coast or Sword beach Normandy. Such as proposed to the Provider in Non-professional clients, the Customer on the site [email protected] the main characteristics of the Services are presented on the site  The Customer has to acquaint with it before any signing of order. The choice and the purchase of a service is of the only responsibility of the Customer. This GToS is accessible at any time on the site and will prevail over any other document. The Customer declares he acquainted with the present GToS and to have accepted them before the implementation of the procedure of online order on the site . Unless proved otherwise the data recorded in the computer system of the Provider establish the set of the proofs concluded with the Customer. The address of the Provider are the following ones:

Normandy Classic Tour

Siret: 847 584 422 00020

Article 2 - Price:

The Services are supplied in the current price list on the site during the recording of the order by Customer. The prices are expressed in Euros with VAT included. Price lists take into account possible reductions which would be granted by the Provider on the site These price lists are firm and not revisable during their period of validity but the Provider reserves the right except period of validity to modify the prices at any time. The payment asked to the Customer corresponds to the total amount of the purchase including expenses. An invoice is established by the Provider and eventually the discount for the Customer during the supply of Services.

Article 3 - Order:

It is up to the Customer to select on the site the Services which he wishes to order according to the following modalities: The chosen Service that he puts in his basket and specifies the number of people who will be present. The sale will not be considered as confirms that after complete payment of the price. It is up to the Customer to verify the accuracy of the order and to indicate immediately any error. Any order passed on establishes the basis of a contract concluded at distance between the Customer and the Provider. The Provider reserves the right to cancel or to refuse any order of a Customer with whom there would be a dispute concerning the payment of a previous order.

Article 4 - Terms of payment:

The price is paid by secure payment according to the following modalities:

Credit card payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal)· Payment by bank transfer on the bank account of the seller whom address and phone number are communicated to the Customer during the signing of the order.The price is payable in cash by the Customer altogether in the day of the signing of the order.The data of payment are exchanged in mode coded protocol defined by the Person Provider of approved payment occurring for the banking transactions realized on the site Payments made by the Customer will be considered as definitive only after actual collection of the sums owed to the Provider.The Provider will not have to proceed to the supply of Services to the Customer if this one does not pay him the price altogether in the conditions indicated above.

Article 5 - Supply and Services:

Services to the Customer will be supplied according to the following modalities: Said services will be supplied for in maximum deadline of 6 months as from the definitive validation of the order of the Customer in the conditions planned to the present GToS at the address indicated by the Provider during his order on the site https://normandy-classic-tour.frThe Provider makes a commitment to make the best efforts to supply Services to the Customer within the framework of an obligation for the specified deadlines. However these deadlines are communicated for information purposes.If Services were not supplied within 6 months after the indicative date of supply, for any other cause when the force majeure or the fact of the Customer, the sale of the Services can be solved in the written request of the Customer in the conditions planned to articles L216-2 and L241-4 of the code of the consumption. The sums paid by the Customer will then be restored to him at the latest in 14 days which follow the date of denunciation of the contract with the exception of any compensation or restraint.In case of particular request of the Customer concerning the conditions of supply of the Services, duly accepted by the Provider, the costs being bound to it will be the object of a later additional specific invoicing.For lack of reserves or complaints expressly emitted by the Customer during the reception of the Services these will be considered shape with order in quality and in quantity.The Customer will have a deadline of 6 months as from the supply of the Services to emit a complaint by e-mail, with all the documentary evidences relative to it, to the Provider.No complaint can be validly accepted in case of failure to respect these formalities and deadlines by the Customer.The Provider will pay off or will rectify as soon as possible and at his expenses the Services the defect of non-compliance of which will duly have been confirmed by the Provider.

Article 6 - Right to withdraw:

According to the modalities of the article L221-18 of the Code of the Consumer the Consumer has a deadline of 14 days to exercise his right to withdraw of a contract concluded at distance, following a cold calling or except establishment without having to motivate his decision or supporter of the other costs which those planned to articles L221-23 to L221-25. The deadline mentioned in the first short paragraph as from the day: of the conclusion of the contract for service contracts and those mentioned in the article L221-4".The right to withdraw can be exercised online, by means of the form of online available retraction on the site or of any other declaration, divested of ambiguity, expressing its will to retract in particular by mail sent to the Provider in address and phone number mail or by e-mail indicated to the article 1 of the present CGV.In case of exercise of the right to withdraw for the above-mentioned deadline, only the price of Services is paid off.The refund of the sums actually settled by the Customer will be made within 14 days as from the reception by the Provider of the notification of retraction of the Customer.

Article 7 - Responsibilities of the Provider - Guarantee:

The Provider guarantees, according to legal requirements and without complementary payment, the Customer against any defect of conformity or latent defect, resulting from a design fault or from a realization of Services in the conditions and the following modalities:Capacities concerning the legal guarantees:Article L217-5 of the Code of the Consumer" The good is in compliance with the contract:

1° If he is appropriate to the use usually expected from the similar good if necessary: - he corresponds to the description given by the Seller is possesses the qualities which this one presented to the Buyer in the form of sample or in the form of model. - he presents the qualities for which a Buyer can legitimately wait in view of the public declarations made by the Seller by the producer or his representative in particular the advertising or the labeling.

2°Or if he presents the characteristics defined by mutual agreement by the parts or is appropriate to any special use looked for by the Buyer notified to the Seller and whom the latter accepted"The Provider will pay off or will rectify or will have to rectify (as far as possible) the services considered defective as soon as possible at the latest in 15 days following the contesting by the Provider of default. This refund can be made by transfer or by bank check.The guarantee of the Provider is limited to the refund of the Services actually paid by the Customer.

The journey by vehicle is indicated for information purposes, it can vary depending on the duration of the journey and the state of the roads.

The Provider cannot be considered person in charge nor weakening for any delay or non-fulfillment consecutive to the emergence of a case of force majeure usually recognized by the French jurisprudence.The Services supplied through https://site with the Provider are in accordance with the regulations in force in France. The responsibility of the Provider could not be committed in case of failure to respect the legislation of the country in which the services are supplied, that it is up to the Customer who is solely responsible for the choice of the wanted Services, to verify.

Article 8 - Personal data:

The customer is informed that the collection of its personal data is necessary for the sale of the Services and their realization and the delivery, entrusted to the Provider. These personal data are only harvested for the execution of the contract of service offers.

8.1 Personal data collection:The personal data which are collected on the site are the following ones:Order of Services:During the order of Services by the Customer:Name, first name, mailing address, phone number, sends e-mail .Payment:Within the framework of the payment of the Services proposed on the site this one registers the financial data relative to the bank account or à la carte of credit of the Customer.

8.2 Destinations of the personal data: Personal data are used by the Provider and his co-contractors for the execution of the contract and to assure the efficiency of the Service, its realization and its delivery.The category of co-contractor is:· The Providers establishments of paymentThe person in charge of data processing is the Provider, in the sense of data protection acts and as from May 25th, 2018 the regulation 2016/679 on the personal data protection.

8.3 Limitation of the processing: Unless the Customer expresses his express agreement, his personal data are not used for advertising purposes or marketing.

8.4 Shelf life of the data: The Provider will keep the data so collected during an extension of 5 years, covering the time of the prescription of the applicable contractual civil liability.

8.5 Safety and confidentiality:The Provider operates organizational, technical, software and physical measures regarding safety of the digital technology to protect the personal data against the changes, the destructions and the unauthorized access. However it is to indicate that Internet is not a completely secured environment and the Provider cannot guarantee the security of the transmission and the storage of the information on the Internet.8.6 Implementation of the rights of the Customers and Users:In application of the regulations applicable to the personal data, the Customers and Users of the site has the following rights:

They can update or delete the data which concern them in the following ways: On simple request made by e-mail:

They can delete their account by writing at the address e-mail indicated to the article 1. They can exercise their access right to know the personal data concerning them by writing at the address indicated In the article 1. If the personal data held by the Provider are inaccurate, they can ask for the update of the information by writing at the address indicated in the article 1. They can ask for the deletion of their personal data, according to the applicable laws regarding data protection by writing at the address indicated in the article 1.    They can also request the portability of the data held by the Provider towards another Person receiving benefits. Finally they can oppose the treatment of their data by the Person receiving benefits.These rights, since they do not oppose the purpose of the treatment can be exercised by sending a request by mail or e-mail for the Provider whose address and phone number are indicated in the article 1.The Person in charge of the treatment has to bring an answer for a maximum deadline of a month.The Customer is informed that in case of refusal, he can introduce a request with the CNIL (3 place of Fontenoy 75007 Paris France) or seize a judicial authority.The Customer can be invited to check a box in conformance with which he agrees to receive e-mails with character informative and advertising on behalf of the Person receiving benefits. He will always have the possibility of removing his agreement at any time by contacting the Provider or by following the link of unsubscription.

Article 9 - Intellectual property:

The contents of the site are the property of the Seller and the Partners and is protected by the French and international laws concerning the intellectual property.Any reproduction total or partial of its contents is strictly forbidden and may establish an offense of forgery.

Article 10 - Applicable law - Language:

The present GToS sets the operations which result from it are settled and subjected to the French law.The present GToS is drafted in French language. In case they would be translated into foreign language, only the French text would be valid in case of dispute.

Article 11 - Disputes:

For any complaint, thank you for contacting us at the mailing address or the e-mail of the Provider indicated in the article 1 of the present GToS.The Customer is informed that he can resort in any case to a conventional mediation with the existing sectorial authorities of mediation or to any alternative mode of dispute settlement (conciliation for example) in case of contesting.In the case in point, the indicated mediator is:Mr Jean-Pierre TEYSSIER MTV Mediation Tourism Travels BP 80 303 75 823 Paris Cedex 17 The client is also informed that they can also use the Dispute Resolution Platform (DSR) https: All disputes to which the purchase and sale transactions concluded pursuant to this GToS and which have not been the subject of an amicable settlement between the Seller or by mediation will be submitted to the courts competent in the conditions of ordinary law.

Form of retraction

Date : __________________________

This form must be completed and returned only if the Customer wishes to withdraw the order placed on unless exclusions or limited to the exercise of the right of withdrawal according to the applicable General Sales conditions.I hereby notify the retraction of the contract relating to the order for the service below:- Order (indicate date): ________________________- Order Number : _______________________________- Customer Name : _______________________________________- Customer Address : ___________________________________________________

Signature of Customer (only in case of notification of this form on paper)